C&A Pro Releases New TMX Technical Mountain Riding Snowmobile Ski

C&A Pro Releases New TMX Technical Mountain Riding Snowmobile Ski

C&A Pro, the world’s leading manufacturer of high performance snowmobile skis, unveiled its new TMX Technical Mountain Xtreme snowmobile skis today during the World Championship Jackson Hole Snowmobile Hill Climb in Jackson, Wyoming.

The TMX’s long-anticipated reveal culminates more than two years of research and development. C&A Pro assembled a team of more than 20 of the world’s top professional backcountry athletes to design and test the snowmobile skis. These expert mountain sledders pushed TMX prototypes to the limit over the course of two winters, providing hands-on insight to C&A Pro’s design engineers.

C&A Pro’s engineering team used advanced design techniques to lighten the TMX’s weight to 7.15 pounds without sacrificing durability, making them a full pound lighter than the TMX’s predecessor, the BX. The result: an agile technical mountain snowmobile ski that is just the right amount more aggressive than OEM, providing better reaction to rider input.

The TMX features a 1.125” deep and nearly 2” wide keel that is rockered front to back, resulting in very light steering effort, easier side hill initiation and better control – smashing stereotypes that aftermarket backcountry skis are hard to steer. With its 6.75” width and 42” length, the TMX offers superior floatation to stock skis. Riders will appreciate the TMX’s raised tail that makes it easier to reverse in deep snow and back off sled decks and trailers. The ski’s aggressive traction grips make it easier to board in deep powder.

Proudly made in the U.S.A., the TMX is compression molded from durable UHMW plastic – the same material used in armor plating. The skis retail at $469.95 USD and are available in seven stock ski colors and 14 handle colors. For $100 additional, riders can blend up to three ski or handle colors for a unique tie-dye effect or have their skis made in any of C&A Pro’s handle colors. TMX skis can be installed on any sled. Mounting kits and carbides are sold separately.

C&A Pro Brand Manager Ryan Greenwaldt, an avid mountain rider, led the charge to develop the TMX backcountry snowmobile ski.

“From the day I started at C&A Pro two years ago, I’ve been on a mission to build a better mountain ski,” Greenwaldt said. “I reached out to talented and devoted mountain riders and we began our design process. We sketched up our ideas and took them to our engineers. Then our fabrication team cut prototype skis on our KOMO CNC router from massive blocks of UHMW poly, and we went riding again and again. We made modifications until we got it just right. And let me tell you, we nailed it. You are going to love these skis.”

Several Coeur Freshies riders from C&A Pro’s mountain team got together this week for a ride and photo shoot in McCall, Idaho. They were stoked about C&A Pro’s latest backcountry snowmobile ski and have set social media ablaze.

Watch their ride at

“It’s finally here … the ultimate backcountry ski,” said Jaden Ballard of Coeur Freshies. “The TMX is by far my favorite ski on the market. It’s easy to maneuver and yet gives you all the confidence in the world whether you’re coming into a jump or just cruising on the trail! This ski is the perfect mix between nimble and durable!”

Jaden Ballard

Backcountry athlete Hayden Throop had never seen the need for aftermarket snowmobile skis until he tricked out his Ski-Doo Freeride with TMX Skis.

“Up until C&A Pro I had basically only ran stock skis all my life,” Throop said. “I thought they looked cool but didn't have much actual use other than that. I couldn't have been more wrong! These new C&A Pro TMX are one of the absolute best things to do to any sled. I love aggressive fast riding and stock skis just don't last or hold up in those situations. They are too soft and not precise enough, the TMX is just as easy to ride in my opinion as a stock ski but with so much added precision and durability. You can absolutely shred tight steep trees with ease or go full pin into a bumpy spring jump and you will always feel in control. I don't like adding parts to my sled that don't truly make it better to ride. The TMX do just that.”

Bridger LaBau noted that “the durability of the TMX ski is second to none.”

“Compared to OEM, the TMX is confidence inspiring because of the stronger and stiffer design making it less prone to damage on big hits in the backcountry,” LaBau said. “Plus they look awesome and are completely customizable to match your sled!

Scott Eyer said the TMX will change backcountry riders’ perception of aftermarket skis.

“This ski has been one of the most anticipated mods I have ever had,” Eyer said. “Most people will go with the stock skis for their snowmobile and do not think they need to be any better. Once you ride the TMX that will change your mind. My favorite part about the TMX is how well it matches my riding style. I ride a lot of aggressive tree riding most of the season and then try to get my snowmobile in the air as much as possible when I can. The TMX feels soft for cutting a sidehill, but is still able to hold a solid line going into a jump with speed. C&A Pro blew it out of the park with making the TMX the best of both worlds.”

C&A Pro TMX technical mountain riding snowmobile skis can be pre-ordered for the 2024-2025 riding season through local powersports dealers or online at For more information, visit or call 1-888-321-6789.

About C&A Pro High Performance Snowmobile Skis
For nearly three decades C&A Pro Skis have dominated the high performance snowmobile ski market. No other snowmobile ski has set more records and won more races than C&A Pro. C&A Pro Skis is a division of Pride Solutions LLC, a family-owned American company in Hutchinson, Minnesota. The product is proudly made in U.S.A. and sold worldwide through powersport distributors and dealers and online at The C&A Pro Skis tradename is owned by C&A Pro Skis LLC and is exclusively licensed and manufactured by Pride Solutions, LLC. Learn more about C&A Pro at or call 1-888-321-6789 or +1 320-587-7707. Learn more about Pride Solutions at

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