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Sidehill like a pro and hit the powder in style with C&A Pro TMX Technical Mountain Xtreme snowmobile skis. The TMX is engineered for today's technical mountain riders. In comparison to the former BX, the TMX is a lighter, more fine-tuned mountain purposed ski. With its front-to-back and side-to-side rockered keel matched with the tapered tail and snow scoops, the ease of sidehilling initiation and grip are much improved. A widened keel improves steering effort on hard-packed snow. The top has integrated traction grooves for boot grip and the raised tail aids with reversing.

Skis are sold per pair with handles installed. Preorders for the TMX are expected to ship in Q4 2024 in time for the next riding season. Custom skis are $100 plus the cost of the ski. We do not accept returns on custom skis unless there is a defect covered under warranty. Actual product colors may differ from what you see on your device. Please see our color guide for OEM matches.  

WARNING - California Residents


TMX Mountain Technical Riding Snowmobile Skis





Keel Height


Weight (Per Ski)

7.2 lbs


Good for: Mountain and backcountry enthusiasts looking for added control, predictability and durability to reach new heights

Ideal for: Mountain and Backcountry sleds


  • 6.75" wide
  • 42" long
  • 1.125" center keel height
  • Front-to-back rockered keel
  • Widened keel improves steering effort on hard-packed snow
  • Overall ski side-to-side rocker to ease sidehill initiation and maintain grip
  • Tapered and raised tail to help with sidehilling and cutting ability
  • Traction grips on saddle and side of ski for boot grip
  • Ski weight is 7.2 lbs (including handle)
  • 1 lb lighter than its predecessor
  • Made from UHMW Poly for ultimate durability


Learn how to install your new skis, adjust the handle and more on our Video Guides page.

Download mounting kit instructions and more on our Downloadable Resources page.


Professional backcountry snowmobile athlete Hayden Throop

Hayden Throop

"Added Precision and Durability"

Up until C&A Pro I had basically only ran stock skis all my life. I thought they looked cool but didn't have much actual use other than that, I couldn't have been more wrong! These new C&A Pro TMX are one of the absolute best things to do to any sled. I love aggressive fast riding and stock skis just don't last or hold up in those situations. They are too soft and not precise enough. The TMX is just as easy to ride as a stock ski but with so much added precision and durability. You can absolutely shred tight steep trees with ease or go full pin into a bumpy spring jump and you will always feel in control. I don't like adding parts to my sled that don't truly make it better to ride - these TMX do just that.

Professional backcountry snowmobile athlete Scott Eyer

Scott Eyer

"Best of Both Worlds"

This ski has been one of the most anticipated mods I have ever had. Most people will go with the stock skis for their snowmobile and do not think they need to be any better. Once you ride the TMX that will change your mind. My favorite part about the TMX is how well it matches my riding style. I ride a lot of aggressive tree riding and then try to get my snowmobile in the air as much as possible when I can. The TMX feels soft for cutting a sidehill, but is still able to hold a solid line going into a jump with speed. C&A Pro blew it out of the park with making the TMX the best of both worlds.

Professional backcountry snowmobile athlete Jaden Ballard

Jaden Ballard, Coeur Freshies

"The Ultimate Backcountry Ski"

It's finally here, the ultimate backcountry ski! The TMX is by far my favorite ski on the market. It's easy to maneuver and yet gives you all the confidence in the world, whether you're coming into a jump or just cruising on the trail! This ski is the perfect mix between nimble and durable.

Professional backcountry snowmobile athlete Bridger LaBau

Bridger LaBau

"Confidence Inspiring"

The durability of the TMX ski is second to none. Compared to OEM, the TMX is confidence-inspiring because of the stronger and stiffer design making it less prone to damage on big hits in the backcountry. Plus they look awesome and are completely customizable to match your sled!

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