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What Are the Best Carbides for Snowmobile Skis?

An informative guide to carbide recommendations depending on the length needed and the difference between a Shaper and a Round Carbide

When it comes to selecting the best carbides for snowmobile skis, it comes down to riding style, snow conditions, and personal preference.

At C&A Pro, we offer Stud Boy Shaper Bars and Woody’s Round Bars. We typically recommend Shaper Bars for more aggressive riders, snocross racers and cross-country racers because they have more grab. We steer trail riders, youngsters and boondockers toward round bars that are easier on the shoulders for riding longer distances and don’t require as much upper body strength. Snow conditions also make a huge difference, and while both styles of carbides will work, round bars are great for soft, slushy snow conditions that provide a lot of traction, but as it gets colder and the snow is fluffier, more aggressive shaper bars will provide more traction without wearing you out. Snowmobile ski carbides are easy to change out so you might want a pair of each so you can swap them as snow conditions change.

We reached out to our @caproskis social media followers to get their opinions. Here’s what they had to say:

Shaper Bars for Snowmobile Skis:

@Toxicgreenplant: Shaper bar for the Extra grab even when that extra sometimes is on a rock an involves instantly stopping 😅

@Toddklingseisen: Shapers all the way. Carves through the corners and longer lasting.

@danwoods4756: Shapers on C&A’s give the perfect blend of traction on ice & snow

@mattheweckhardt_: Shaper bar, they grab way better and help for turning and much more!

@kodyb68: Shaper bar, i can get them to last longer and my sleds handle better with them.

@Reeberfeever: Shaper for sure when racing. Whether it was sno-x, x-country, and now hillclimbs. It’s all I use on the machines of @reebclanriders When we hit the backcountry we swap out to hardwelds and drag racing gets special Titanium ones 😁 but for anything but straight line racing, shapers work so well with our BC and RZ skis that I have a hard time contemplating trying something else.

@qc_sledder: @studboytraction for sure 🙌🔥 @royaldistributing

@krazykanuck91: Shaper Bars are like having 🏹’s. 🙌 @studboytraction

@ksrsnowcross @studboytraction shaper bar all the way! They grab more snow and don’t push as much in the corners 👊🏻🏁🏆

@todd199x: 🙌@studboytraction. The Shaper is the only carbide for racing

@wenninger227: @studboytraction shaperbars are by far the best. The things last forever and never push in corner no matter how many picks you put in your track 💯 point and shoot handling. just make sure you eat your spinach before using them 💪💪

@ryan_mccann31: Shaper bar, they seem to not were as fast and turning wise them seem to hook up better in the more icy corners.

Round Bar Carbides for Snowmobile Skis:

@joel_tingey: Round bar. Because we ride so much dirt in the spring the round bar last longer.

How About Bergstrom Skegs?

@Jasonstandaert: Bergstrom triple points if you demand the best!

While we don’t carry Bergstrom Skegs, they do have a loyal following. If you prefer Bergstrom Skegs or another carbide that we don’t carry, just make sure they are designed for C&A Pro skis so they fit our hole pattern.

How Long of a Carbide Do You Need for Your Snowmobile Skis?

Carbide length also is a very important consideration. If you are a trail rider running 96 or fewer studs, we recommend you go with a 4.5-6” carbide. If you run more than 96 studs, we suggest going with an 8-9” carbide. If you are a mountain/powder rider, a shorter 4-6” carbide will suffice.

Learn More About Snowmobile Ski Carbides:

For more information about carbide recommendations for snowmobile skis visit our FAQ page and be sure to check out our video featuring snocross legend Robbie Malinoski. 

Watch our video!

C&A Pro Skis - Carbide Recommendations for Snowmobile Skis

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