CSRA Snocross racers with C&A Pro Skis

About C&A Pro Skis


Located in the heart of snowmobile country, just steps away from Minnesota’s fabled Luce Line State Trail, C&A Pro has been making world renowned snowmobile skis for nearly three decades. We make our skis right here in Minnesota, where the winters are long and the snowmobiling tradition runs deep.

In the beginning, we sought to leverage our plastic molding expertise with our racing experience to produce the best skis for snowmobile racing. As we started piling up checkered flags and breaking records, everyone started demanding C&A Pro skis for their sleds – trail riders, hill climbers, boondockers – you name it. Kids begged their parents for C&A Pro skis for their 120s, and now years later, they’re tricking out their own kids’ sleds with C&A Pro Minis, teaching a second generation of sledheads to Ride Like a Pro!

C&A Pro skis quickly attained legend status. To this day, no other aftermarket ski manufacturer is able to add up to all the titles and successes of C&A Pro. From holding more snocross championships, watercross championships, Guinness world records...no other ski has jumped higher or farther than C&A Pro.

Pouring orange UHMW resin into ski mold for compression molding


C&A Pro snowmobile skis are manufactured in our Hutchinson, Minnesota compression molding shop from UHMW-PE, one of the toughest and slickest materials on the planet. UHMW-PE is incredibly impact resistant, can tolerate extreme cold, and is super slick for a faster ride. UHMW-PE so impact resistant, it’s used in bullet proof vests, armor plating and farm equipment! So you can ride with confidence knowing you have a durable set of skis in front of you.

Backcountry professional rider Scott Eyer doing a backcountry trick on a snowmobile with C&A Pro BX mountain skis


We are constantly improving our skis to keep up with the latest snowmobile engineering advancements. We do extensive R&D testing – a great excuse to get out of the office and go for a ride! We also receive extensive feedback from the professional riders we sponsor. Our racing skis are among the most aggressive on the market. Our trail skis track straighter and corner better than any ski out there, and our mountain skis navigate through tight trees and side hill with ease.

youth snocross at Canterbury Park


C&A Pro has been a longtime advocate and promoter for the sport of snowmobiling. We sponsor hundreds of professional and amateur riders across all riding disciplines, including snocross, cross-country, watercross, backcountry, drag and hill climb. Our sponsored riders have included snowmobiling legends like Tucker Hibbert and Levi LaVallee, and could include you! Nothing gets us more excited than helping a young snowmobiler get started in their career. Looking for sponsorship? Please fill out our Sponsorship Application.

Dale Cormican, legendary snowmobile racer and inventory of C&A Pro Snowmobile Skis.


Dale Cormican Invents C&A Pro Skis

Dale Cormican pioneered the application of slick plastic snowmobile skis for racing when he invented C&A Pro high performance snowmobile skis. Inducted into the Snowmobile Hall of Fame in January 1997, Cormican was a record-breaking racer and one of the snowmobile racing originals who molded the sport into what it is today.

Snocross racer Blair Morgan 7C on Ski-Doo snowmobile with C&A Pro Skis


Blair Morgan is C&A Pro's First Sponsored Rider

C&A Pro is a longtime advocate and promoter for the sport of snowmobiling - starting with the legendary "Superman" Blair Morgan! C&A Pro riders have included legends of our sport such as Tucker Hibbert, Levi LaVallee, Elias Ishoel, Brett Turcotte, and could include you!

Snocross racer Dan Hegman riding Arctic Cat racing snowmobile with C&A Pro XT Skis.


C&A Pro Releases XT and RZ Skis

In 2003, C&A Pro Skis released the XT racing ski, which would become the choice of Snocross champions around the world. The official ski of ISOC Racing, the XT features double outboard keels and a deep center drop keel for maximum edge control and grip.

Not stopping there, C&A also released the RZ "Razor" skis, which remain a high performing trail ski and favorite among many pros, including Levi LaVallee, to this day.


Levi LaVallee Breaks World Record

C&A Pro sponsored rider and professional racer and freestyle athlete Levi LaVallee breaks the world record for longest snowmobile distance jump of 412 ft at the Red Bull: New Year No Limits event live on ESPN. He still holds the world record to this day.

Sledhead 24/7 riding Polaris XCR 600 with C&A Pro XCS Crossover skis.


XCS Crossover Ski is Released

In 2015, C&A Pro unveils the "XCS" Xtreme Crossover Ski for aggressive on/off trail riders. This ski features outboard keels for precise control, snow scoops to maintain grip and tapered tails for side-hilling.

Cross country snowmobile racer Leah Bauer with pink XPT trails skis from C&A Pro Skis.


XPT Trail Ski is Released

C&A Pro releases the "XPT" Xtreme Performance Trail ski designed for rider-forward sleds with lots of ski pressure. The mid-center keels help alleviate darting, improve tracking and reduce carbide lift in sharp corners. This is the ideal ski for today's modern machines when looking for increased control without causing a drastic increase in steering effort.


New Cornering Kit Design

C&A Pro releases a new design for Cornering Kits that are the largest size allowed by ISR Rules. Designed for snocross racing and snowmobiling in deep snow, the Cornering Kits allow riders to make tighter corners and stay on the inside line without additional drag or resistance with their straight line tracking.

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