Snowplow Cutting Edges Made from Same UHMW Plastic Used in C&A Pro Snowmobile Skis

An image of a snowplow with additional plastic that is the same material used to create C&A Pro skis

A long winter of snowplowing can leave your driveway and parking lot scuffed and scratched. Avoid this expensive and unsightly snow removal damage with a UHMW Poly Cutting Edge manufactured by our sister company May Wes Manufacturing. May Wes UHMW poly cutting edges are manufactured from the same heavy duty UHMW plastic used to make C&A Pro snowmobile skis.

We custom manufacture your UHMW poly snowplow blades right here in our Hutchinson, Minnesota plastic fabrication shop. We offer a very fast turnaround time and can typically ship cutting edges within a couple of business days (lead times are longer during the fall harvest).

May Wes UHMW Poly Cutting Edges are available unbeveled for vertical applications such as snowplows, snow pushers and box plows, and beveled for horizontal applications such as skid steer and tractor-mounted buckets. We also offer optional CNC hole drilling. On vertical poly blades, we normally drill straight holes unless you request counterbored holes. On horizontal poly blades, we counterbore the holes so hardware is recessed. We also sell mounting hardware. If you would like us to drill the holes for you, we need you to provide measurements for each hole on center and measured from the edge of the plow. Be sure to measure twice and very carefully because a fraction of an inch can throw off all of your holes (Please watch our videos below for measuring instructions). Unless you specify otherwise, we normally drill the holes down the center of the poly blade so you can flip it over when one side wears out. If you choose to drill your own holes, you can do so using a woodworking drill bit.

May Wes UHMW Poly Cutting edges are available in 3/4″, 1″ and 1 1/2″ thicknesses and 4″, 6″ and 8″ widths. Lengths are cut to your specification. Cutting edges that are 94″ or longer are normally cut in half to reduce shipping costs. If you require a full length seamless cutting edge longer than 94″, we can manufacture them up to 119″ long. LTL freight shipping rates will apply for poly blades 94″ or longer, or you can pick them up at our plastic fabrication shop in Hutchinson, Minnesota. In addition to poly cutting edges, we also manufacture custom snow pusher and box plow poly skid shoes.

A second image of a snowplow with the same plastic used to make C&A Pro skis positioned in front of a building

Installation is very easy. Simply remove your metal cutting edge, scrape off any debris and bolt your May Wes UHMW Poly Cutting Edge on.

UHMW Poly Cutting Edges Outlast Urethane and Rubber Cutting Edges

UHMW is an extremely slick and durable plastic and has excellent abrasion resistance. This is the same material we use to manufacture C&A Pro high performance snowmobile skis used by professional snocross racers including Elias Ishoel and snowmobile daredevil Levi LaVallee. May Wes UHMW Poly parts have been used on agricultural equipment since the early 1970s and include UHMW skid shoes and G4 Stalk Stompers. UHMW is tough, durable and can withstand extreme cold.

UHMW Poly Cutting Edges are Superior for Residential, Commercial and Municipal Snow Removal:

• Heavy-Duty, High-Impact Virgin UHMW Plastic
• Non-Stick Surface Reduces Snow & Debris Build-Up
• Excellent Abrasion Resistance
• Withstands Severe Winter Temperatures
• Will Not Scuff Pavement
• Much Quieter than Steel
• Lightweight and Easy to Install
• Reduces Shock to Equipment and Operator on Uneven Pavement
• Quick Turn Around Time
• Widely Used by Commercial Plowing Services, DOTs and Municipalities

Questions? Please Give Us a Call at 1-800-788-6483

UHMW Poly Cutting Edges for Snowplows, Buckets and Snow Pushers

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