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Are C&A Pro Aftermarket Snowmobile Skis Worth the Investment?

Social media post by zammit_racing depicting a pair of yellow C&A Pro skis with black handles with the caption "Only the best" followed by a fist bump emoji and a tag to C&A Pro's Instagram

Aftermarket snowmobile skis are one of the easiest ways to quickly improve your sled’s performance, but a solid pair of high performance snowmobile skis, carbides and a mounting kit for your sled can be pricey.

Is it worth investing $500+ on a C&A Pro ski package? You bet it is if you want to Ride Like A Pro! But don’t just take our word for it. We reached out to our social media followers for their thoughts on this subject, and here’s what they had to say:


I really like how planted the C&A Pro skis make the front end. They give you better stability and better turning than a stock ski and other skis I’ve tried, but still allow you to ride all day with ease.


I don’t trust any other skis to turn my sled! C&A’s give me much more stability and turning capabilities than anything else I’ve tried! Plus, who can say no to all the amazing color options?! Hot pink is what I’ve been running with C&A for years!


I hit a tree turning with my stock skis, ripped a tendon in my hand, while my custom C&A RZs were on order, got the skis days after and couldn’t even ride. Only the best…Right there is the reason why I only run C&A skis now, won’t get on a sled without them. They’re a must for me, they handle like you’re on rails, and quality and workmanship is top of the line. Only the best aftermarket part you can put on any sled.

zammit_racing social media post captioned "no more hittin trees with these bad boyz" with a box of C&A Pro skis


Riding a sled with C&A skis is the cheapest insurance policy I’ve ever bought. You’ll never have a doubt that the sled will turn when coming into a corner. Unmatched predictability.


With high horsepower sleds it is like putting race tires on a sports car. Confidence in corners will make you a faster & safer rider when railing in the trails. All of our sleds always get the C&A Pro Skis treatment.

Bottom Line: Yes, C&A Pro Aftermarket Snowmobile Skis are worth the investment!

If you’re looking for a surefire way to improve your ride and boost your confidence, C&A Pro high performance snowmobile skis are the ticket! Whatever your riding style, C&A Pro has a snowmobile ski for you – trail, crossover, racing, backcountry, utility – we have you covered!

Not sure which C&A Pro Ski is right for you? Watch this quick video for the lowdown from Ryan:

What are the best C&A Pro Snowmobile Skis for Me?

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